Radix Reload Premium

Radix Reload Premium 8.1

Enables users to quickly and easily undo major failures and unwanted changes
8.1 (See all)

Radix Reload Premium has been primarily designed to protect business laptops anddesktop computers. Unique multiple-snapshot mechanism turns any computer into a ‘time-travel machine’, enabling secured snapshots storing and infinite snapshots manipulation.
Travel into the past and back between different system configuration or reloading clean snapshot and instantly undo all PC problems.
Restore failed system takes only a few mouse clicks and a few seconds!
Main Features:
- Bullet-proof password-protected baseline snapshot (bare-metal system state)
- Periodical user snapshots stored on-the-fly according to task-plan
- Instantly undo all PC problems by reload a clean state
- Instantly switch back and forth between system configurations
- Infinite snapshots manipulation
- Optional USB key
Reload PRM enables fast and easy image backup to external devices such as USB disk; network drive and optical media, and easily creates a bootable rescue CD. In the event of HDD hardware failure, user can load the image backup into the new HDD and quickly restore his computer system.

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